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Feedback is greatly appreciated, both positive and negative as long as it's contstructive and valid.
Tell me what you think of the system, data collection, improvements, new ideas, design issues, things like that.

Want to help support the site?

PLEASE NOTE: Do not post troubleshooting or support questions. This is not a forum!

#1 - posted by (71.198.24*.*)2006-05-20 22:21:12
The firmware field isn't wide enough. Both models of Intel Mac that I own have wider fields now. From this MBP:

Boot ROM Version: MBP11.0055.B02

SMC version is important now, too.

SMC Version: 1.2f10

#2 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2006-05-21 00:01:01
Ok, thanks I will address those issues right away.

#3 - posted by Kaliko Trapp (70.95.1*.*)2006-05-21 04:09:15
Thank you very much for doing this, putting your time into it, etc. It is a perfect example of how the Internet Community can help each other out.

How about a Donation button that goes through PayPal? I am sure that this database will grow very large, it will be extremely helpful to many people (including Apple, I should hope); thus I hope that people will help support your efforts.

All the best to you.
Kaliko Trapp

#4 - posted by (24.175.2*.*)2006-05-21 17:30:08

I love the site. It's really a great idea, and I have submitted my temps. How do I edit though? I had wrongly appled thermal paste and redit the job last night and now my times are better so I want to remove the old ones.


#5 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2006-05-21 23:45:33
Hi, on the profile page, there's an edit link. You use the email address that you supplied to request a special edit link via email.

To delete an entry, send me an email.

#6 - posted by (66.166.23*.*)2006-05-22 17:15:23
Great idea! There seem to be two issues concerning noise though, the "whine" (which seems to be MBPro mostly) and the "moo" (which seems to occur on both). My MB has no whine, but does have the moo when temps go around 68C, sounding like the fan is going on and off every 2 seconds.

So, it would be helpful to have not ony whine but moo (or both) as an option.

#7 - posted by Kevin Purcell (72.1.13*.*)2006-05-22 21:25:38
Any chance of an RSS feed collecting the current averages (broken out by system perhaps) and other interesting updates?

Another useful metric would be standard devication on the temperature measurements.It was make it easier to see if you have a machine 2 or 3 stadard deviations away from the mean.

#8 - posted by Thaylok (83.109.12*.*)2006-05-23 08:50:00
You got digged :)

#9 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2006-05-23 13:32:36
Thanks, I will add an 'Moo'-option to the database.

Kevin Purcell:
I'll look into it, have to get around how I should implement it. Thanks for the tip.

Hehe, good to see people find the site useful :)

#10 - posted by Bontakn (24.61.1*.*)2006-05-24 05:01:50
Site is great and should be very helpful for people. My suggestion is to make the temperature data more unambiguous. The load/idle/hdd have the word (fix) under them, but I notice some entries have the stock temps listed and not the ones after application. I'm not sure if that was the intent of labeling (fix) in the columns or if there is a way to just list stock or "after reapplication of paste" temps.
Thanks and keep up the great work!

#11 - posted by KC (67.21.19*.*)2006-05-25 04:08:27
Great website - the left side of my new MacBook gets ridiculously hot, so it was good to find out how to monitor the internal temperature. (I'm tempted to get one of those forehead thermometers to measure the temperature of the case.) Looks like my temps are pretty typical (will probably post them tomorrow). Curious as to how these compare to non-Mac laptops. Hope you send this info to Apple.

#12 - posted by Peter (205.206.1*.*)2006-05-26 18:14:31
Your calculations are incorrectly performed.

For example, look at the black Macbook average idle temperature. It's higher than any reported value (67 vs 64, when the average should be in the 50s).

#13 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2006-05-26 18:42:43
I made the headerbar 'Idle / (Fix)' and 'Load / (Fix)' somewhat more ambiguous by adding a slash. The temperatures listed in the table with parentheses are after re-applying paste, and I choose only to show the parentheses where the after re-applying paste temperature data is present in the database. Let me know if I can make it easier to understand.

Yes, you're correct. And I've fixed the problem now, had confused two variables.

Thanks everyone for the heads up. :)

#14 - posted by Callous (192.12.7*.*)2006-05-27 18:37:46
Looking at some of the temperatures on the MacBook, I notice the low idle temperatures listed match my system when it's not plugged in, and the high idle temperatures match my system when it's plugged in.

Yes, that's right, my machine is about 10 degrees C hotter when it's plugged in even with the battery charged.

I know the testing protocol says MagSafe plugged in, but is everyone actually doing it that way?

#15 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2006-05-27 18:46:10
Callous: It's hard to enforce those policies, but I'll try to make it more clear.

#16 - posted by Peter (70.27.3*.*)2006-05-27 23:48:00
I haven't posted any readings because I'm still mucking around, but according to Accuweather the temperature outside is 27 C and my window is open. Doesn't feel that hot though.

Anyways I'm sitting here on battery, with just extreme on, on a MB and the temp is swinging between 63 and 66.

Not doing anything except surfing the web.

The point of this post is that running off AC may not really make that much difference.

#17 - posted by jbb (159.50.10*.*)2006-05-29 10:04:17
Please, make sure to distinguish CPU temp and external case CPU !
This is *critical* not to mix that. Some user report 80C but as core CPU temp this is just normal.
So, please, make sure to have a column for external case temp. This is the only interesting value.

#18 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2006-05-29 19:30:58
jbb: I disagree, the cpu core temperature is the most accurate reading you can get. The ambient case temperature will fluctuate too much for it to be useful. Post the case temperatuer in the comments.

#19 - posted by John (203.34.6*.*)2006-05-31 06:37:25
Seems to be a bug with the editing. I have edited my entry and the OS version ended up being recorded as 5400. Even though I hadn't touched that element in my edit (just updating whine/moo info) I went back and carefully entered 10.4.6 into the OS field on a second edit but it just went and stuck 5400 in there again.

Can this be fixed up?

#20 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2006-05-31 14:18:29
John: Yes, thanks for reporting the issue. It was a check I introduced a few days ago. I fixed it now and updated the affected entries and set the osxver to 10.4.

#21 - posted by (68.55.6*.*)2006-06-03 01:09:28
Can you put some logic in to remove some of the submissions that are obviously bogous? For example, if the idle temp >= the load temp, or if the idle temp <= ambient temp. There are a few of these that are skewing the averages.

#22 - posted by (82.56.11*.*)2006-06-04 14:21:17
great site....i have the heat and whine problem on my mbp too....thank you for your efforts

#23 - posted by (24.176.16*.*)2006-06-10 22:49:46
It's very important that you state the battery should be fully charged before beginning the temp test. Otherwise the charger will add heat to the system, which could skew the results.

#24 - posted by Simon (68.68.3*.*)2006-06-15 18:32:05
Cannot download DuoCoreTemp?!?! Dead link?

#25 - posted by (80.136.7*.*)2006-06-23 21:47:36
the link to,cat_view/gid,26/
is dead. :-(
Cannot download SpeedIt ...
So: cannot contribute here...

#26 - posted by (80.136.7*.*)2006-06-23 21:51:37
Oh! Found it. Download here:

#27 - posted by Peter C. (67.71.4*.*)2006-07-02 18:23:22
I'd like to report a possible source of error in the data collecting.

While the instructions are pretty direct in saying set up the computer just so, I have noticed that if one is running off battery power instead of the AC adapter (even if it's not charging) the temperature of the computer is often 10 degrees cooler, sometimes more sometimes less, compared to the adapter. This also affects load temperatures downwards accordingly.

The error is, you have no way of knowing whether people are following the full instructions or not. If I have my adapter plugged in I usually idle around 66 C, but if I run off battery power, I am idling at 57-ish C generally. I am noticing a lot of observations that are reporting idle temps around the 57ish mark and I believe those people are running off battery power.

#28 - posted by Jim (218.179.4*.*)2006-07-09 13:52:06
The Temperature Monitor shows 84C under load and the CoreDuo Temp shows 77C at the same time. Which temperature should I report?
On idle they both show the same 47C.

#29 - posted by underclocker (65.90.3*.*)2006-08-14 21:33:03
Am I the ONLY one with a 60GB Toshiba drive in my MacBook (white)?

Everyone seems to have a Seagate!

#30 - posted by Pat Collins (193.178.20*.*)2006-09-08 19:58:08
Hi, great site, very useful. One suggestion to make the after fix colum clearer a adding it in a seperate column. Quite a few of us a looking for fixes so this column woud be very useful if it was easier to distuingish. Also there may be other fixes other than removing and reapplying the thermal paste solution so possibly consider making the comments mandatory if the person fills in the after fix data (don't know if this is ealily done, javascript ?). This way other users can concentrate on finding solutions that have worked for other users that were afflicted with heat issues.

many thanks and great work and excellent feedback.


#31 - posted by (83.95.20*.*)2006-09-22 21:14:31
From the Machine Profile page -

&amp;amp;quot;System spesifications:&amp;amp;quot;

Nothing big...but that should read &amp;amp;quot;specifications&amp;amp;quot; with a &amp;amp;quot;C&amp;amp;quot;, no?
Thanks for maintaining this great site!

#32 - posted by Peter C. (74.105.13*.*)2006-12-08 03:44:15
This is a much better temperature monitor program that doesn't require kernel extension. Has a full version, a lite version and a widget version. It allows you to monitor a whole bunch of sensors including either the diode, or the core.


#33 - posted by Chakris (203.144.14*.*)2007-08-13 14:18:37
Cool site! Should be of great help in troubleshooting for many. I noticed my machine's model number was not listed, so I chose the one that was closest to it. My MBP 17&amp;quot; model no. MA092SA/A. I wish there were more people with high ambient temp submitting. I'd like to see if it my machine is within the norm.

Although CPU Core 1 sensor on my machine cut off above 91* C, I don't think have to worry too much as both fans revved up simultaniously to 4700 rpm to keep temp down. The machine is super quiet, to boot! Lovin' it!

#34 - posted by Hank Roberts (209.204.18*.*)2007-09-16 05:27:13
All the links to are 404 not found

#35 - posted by Ward (84.83.7*.*)2010-03-21 12:52:34
Where's the 27-inch i5 and i7?

#36 - posted by Martin Cleaver (76.10.17*.*)2011-04-03 01:06:49
Where's the 2011 models?

#37 - posted by (115.64.25*.*)2011-04-23 19:27:52
2011 models please - Maybe try posting a couple of times on forums and I'm sure you'll get tons of data 4 the site.

Great idea - love ur site

#38 - posted by Aaron (8.30.8*.*)2012-02-13 20:59:40
Is there a way to download the entire database?

#39 - posted by (76.248.24*.*)2013-05-08 13:46:14
Thanks for providing such a great tool. I'm anxious to implement a thermal fix on my system and see how it turns out.

My model, the MacBook Pro Retina Mid-2012 2.3 as well as the 2.6 GHz variant, are both listed in the drop down selection box and in the search results as being Core i5's when they are actually Core i7's.

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#41 - posted by (69.47.10*.*)2016-05-29 18:22:51

Just wanted to let you know that there is an error in the list of machines. You have the Early 2011 MacBook Pro 2.7 ghz MC724LL/A listed as an i5 processor, when it's actually an i7. Confused me a little bit when I was searching for my model, thought you should know. Great website!

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#43 - posted by (199.199.14*.*)2019-03-20 18:08:04
Is this site still being regularly maintained? I ran a couple tests today and uploaded, and needed to make a minor edit to the second one. Got the email link, got the page to edit, but no submit button.

Page states towards the top: Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in /usr/home/ivc/public_html/sites/intelmactemp/submit.php on line 235

#44 - posted by (199.199.14*.*)2019-03-20 19:00:21
Disregard my previous post... mis-interpreted button... duh! All is working fine. Thanks!!