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This site will help collect and show the temperatures of Apple Macintosh computers using the new processors by Intel. All new computers that haven't faced the trail of time will have problems and issues that can make users mad and furious. As with the new MacBook Pro machines where were, and still are, problems with heat dissipation. After scouting forums and help sites for information about what temperatures I can expect on a new MacBook, but that turned out to be harder and more scattered than I first imagined. That's the main motive behind this site and it didn't take too long to setup as I had the base code handy from another site. -

Machine profile

Profile details:
Added by: pcchrism, 2008-01-05
Introduction date: Mid-2007 model (2007-08-07)
SKU/order number: MA878LL
Base model: Apple iMac 24-inch 2.4 GHz Alu
Serial number: W8738XXXXXX
Manufacturing info: Assembled: September, 2007, Week 38
Plant: Shanghai, China
Whine issue / Moo issue: Unknown / Unknown

System spesifications:
CPU frequency: Upgraded to 2.80 GHz
Memory: Upgraded to 4096.0 MB
Storage drive: Upgraded 500 GB 7200 RPM
OS version: Mac OS X 10.4
Boot ROM version: IM71.007A.
SMC system version: 1.21f4

One had my wireless card upto 77°C and have a occasional problem with my GPU when hard at work. often use an external room fan to cool the back of the iMAC. the system is entirely un-altered except fro RAM upgrade. Running Mac OS X 10.4.11
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Ambient/room temperature: 27 °C

Recorded temperatures on stock cooling:
Idle (<5%) temperature: 70 °C
Load (100%) temperature: 83 °C
Drive temperature: 58 °C

Stock cooling


#1 - posted by (67.173.2*.*)2008-01-07 17:30:50
your temps are running uncomfortably close to their maximum. i would recommend getting smcFanControl 2.1

it is a program where you can increase your fan speeds to keep your mac cooler. it is safe and a must if you want to prolong the life of your mac.

#2 - posted by cb (68.239.8*.*)2008-02-08 16:28:32
use the free fan control program to boost your fan rpm's and cool that imac down. I'm using smcfancontrol and my temps have gone down 30 degrees celsius.