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This site will help collect and show the temperatures of Apple Macintosh computers using the new processors by Intel. All new computers that haven't faced the trail of time will have problems and issues that can make users mad and furious. As with the new MacBook Pro machines where were, and still are, problems with heat dissipation. After scouting forums and help sites for information about what temperatures I can expect on a new MacBook, but that turned out to be harder and more scattered than I first imagined. That's the main motive behind this site and it didn't take too long to setup as I had the base code handy from another site. -

Machine profile

Profile details:
Added by: dischordnation, 2017-11-29
Introduction date: Early 2011 model (2011-02-24)
SKU/order number: MC725LL/A
Base model: Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch Core i5 2.2 GHz
Serial number: C02FCXXXXXXX
Manufacturing info: Assembled: March, 2011, Week 10
Plant: Tech Com, Quanta Computer Susidiary, China
Whine issue / Moo issue: Unknown / Unknown

System spesifications:
CPU frequency: 2.20 GHz
Memory: Upgraded to 16.0 GB
Storage drive: Upgraded Samsung SS 500 GB
OS version: Mac OS X 10.13.1
Boot ROM version: MBP81.004D
SMC system version: 1.70f6

Ambient/room temperature: 16 °C

Recorded temperatures on stock cooling:
Idle (<5%) temperature: 0 °C
Load (100%) temperature: 0 °C
Drive temperature: 0 °C

After improving the thermal cooling system:
Idle (<5%) temperature: 39 °C
Load (100%) temperature: 88 °C
Drive temperature: 0 °C

I just re-pasted the CPU and GPU. Fans and vents clear. Ran a lot hotter before.
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